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With an aim to promote exports of New Zealand’s domestic produce, we are proud to say that we are successfully dealing in the following local products:

Services We Offer

Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. holds the expertise to execute trade contracts for almost all major commodities traded worldwide. We source and transport bulk measure of major commodities from almost every part of the world.

We are a very competent trading partner in the South East Asia, Pacific market and focus on different regions of the global market including Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Australia.

Our in-house team of chartering experts add value to the CIF trades by making them competitive with the best freights. Rigorous quality control makes sure that the client’s requirements are consistently achieved. As a reliable trader of high quality products, we have built strong and long term relationships with our clients.

Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd., is an international bulk shipping company which offers customized & client-oriented Shipping solutions.

We are primarily engaged in offering customized and efficient freight solutions to our associates for their shipments all over the world and thus, playing an important role in providing cost-effective and safe transportation of commodities.

The team at Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. comprises of highly experienced and trained shipping individuals, who ensure that all your dry cargo chartering and projection requirements are met with accuracy, efficiency and privacy.

We offer Freight Consultancy as well, wherein professional guidance based on verified market intelligence is provided to clients, which they may require for finalizing Trade contracts while having an edge over other competitors.

Our clients look upon us as specialists in the field, as we have been gladly catering to all their Shipping requirements worldwide, since many years now.

In addition to the usual Shipping and Chartering activities, some of our clients outsource their freight/shipping needs through Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. whereby Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. becomes their external freight arm, tapping into our expertise to provide freight estimates, freight consultancy, market information as well as forward freight projection services, etc.

We have dedicated logistics consultants who possess extensive knowledge about Cargoes, Operations, Transportation etc.

This helps in ensuring movement of the cargo to its respective destination within the prescribed time limit.

The responsibilities are executed with complete safety, reliability transparency and accountability.

We can also guide First Time Documentation, shipping, contract execution, legal aspects and claims handling. Importers and Exporters by undertaking full responsibility for Trade and Shipping, including:
Obtaining necessary licenses, interaction with clients, documentation, shipping and contract execution.
This is particularly useful and inevitable for clients looking to expand business in new territories where they have no physical presence. We can be your ‘eyes and ears’.

Our Products

With a team of dedicated shipping and trading professionals, aims to ship major Australian commodities like coal, wheat, alumina, frozen bovine meat, iron ore, etc.

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