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Global Commodities & Shipping Ltd.

Global Commodities and Shipping Pty Ltd has over 80 years of combined experience in commodity trading and shipping. With an industry-leading on-time record and low claims rate, our premier shipping service ensures that our clients’ shipments are delivered hassle-free. We strive to solve complex shipping problems.

GCOMSL ensures reliable and robust custom trading solutions, with a focus on building rapport and long-term relationships with our associates.

We have an experienced team behind our trade and chartering operations, ensuring that all of our shipping solutions are robust. Our expertise has let us to complete major shipments with no lag and 0 liabilities.

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We at Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. pride ourselves on our core values of honesty and transparency, and believe that to excel we must build trust as well as providing the best services to our clients.

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Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd. has an in-house combined experience of 80 plus years in trading and shipping commodities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd believes that we have a responsibility towards people, animals and the environment.

We fulfill this responsibility with a wide range of initiatives and projects.