Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd believes that we have a responsibility towards people, animals and the environment. We fulfill this responsibility with a wide range of initiatives and projects.

Animals have offered friendship to humanity, since the beginning of time. It’s time humanity fulfills their obligation!

We consider the well-being of helpless animals in our surroundings and they are very much close to our hearts. The pandemic has been tough for all of us, especially for our stray furry friends. Needless to say, the prospect of partnering for such a cause was close to all our hearts and we are really happy to see how well the results have turned out. We hope our initiative witnessed widespread participation and we are all able to contribute in our own way to make the lives of our four-legged friends better.

This is why we participate in social projects. We support many animal shelters and animal protection organizations with donations of food and financial assistance for treatment.

We are active participants in the following projects:

Medical Care for Strays

Our alliance of in-house volunteers runs neutering campaigns for stray dogs and helps cities and communities to implement local dog protective ordinances. GCOMSL supports the various small NGOs with annual financial donations. Timely sterilization helps in keeping the animal population in control, thus minimizing the risk for human-animal conflict. Vaccination helps in curbing the spreading of diseases and infections that they may contract due to multiple environmental factors. Above all, we ensure our community dogs have been vaccinated against rabies – a disease that is transmissible to us – humans!

Providing Food

Our partner non-profit organization and on-ground volunteers ensure responsible distribution of food packets for these voiceless souls. They are working relentlessly to reach out to more cats and dogs in need during this pandemic.

We believe ‘feeding stray dogs is a moral obligation’.

Awareness Programs

Through our in-house veterinary doctors, we help in spreading general awareness in order to create a harmonious co-existence.

In addition, our panelist veterinary doctors regularly train volunteers for general medical treatments and neutering programs, which we hold regularly in our community.

At Global Commodities and Shipping Ltd, we believe that a state of harmony can only exist if we as individuals, we as a team and we as a community try to bring small changes within us.

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